8 Great Homework Tips so You and Your Child Can Keep Their Cool

As children head back to school this week, many families dread the return of homework after a welcome break. Here are some tips to make the term go smoothly, ensuring homework is handed in on time with less moaning and groaning along the way!

Choose a study area. It should be quiet, free of distractions (younger siblings and screens!), comfortable and well-lit.

Work out a regular study time, find out when your child works best, perhaps straight after school and snacks, or maybe later in the evening between dinner and bath when younger siblings are asleep.

Brain food. Feed your child healthy snacks that encourage sharper minds! Try wholegrains (low fat popcorn counts!), nuts, and berries. Remember sugary snacks lead to sugar crashes and grumpy moods.

Motivate them. Even when they make mistakes, tell them they’re doing a great job, praise them for their efforts and show their work to other family members. It will encourage them to keep trying.

Mix it up. A little maths, some spelling practice and then maybe back to the tricky maths equations if it helps. Break it up. Perhaps finish with some artwork to wind down.

Little and often. A little homework each day, 20 mins here and there is much less overwhelming than cramming and doing a whole project on Sunday night!

Help your child to understand their homework… but remember not to actually do it for them!

Get to know the teachers and what they’re looking for. If your child is struggling to get motivated or get to grips with their homework, make an appointment with the teacher. Having worked with many children before yours, they may have advice on how to help.