“I wish we had PJ Library!”

I was recently invited on a tour of Palmers Green Mosque, in North London, as part of a women’s interfaith group. As we were taken around the building, the Jewish women noticed the similarities between the mosque’s layout and that of many of our synagogues. The men and women were seated separately, and there were learning rooms filled with children’s artwork that resembled many chedars. Above all, though, I really appreciated meeting other ‘mums of faith.’ Over kosher biscuits and tea we shared stories of when being a woman of faith had led to interesting consequences. Rasia, one woman to whom I was introduced, is a barrister in London who regularly challenges stereotypes and often has to correct people who assume when she turns up for work that she is the translator, rather than qualified legal counsel!
I was very excited to share with the group details of our newest PJ Library book,Yaffa and Fatima: Shalom, Salaam, sent to 5- and 6-year-olds in April. The book celebrates how the two female protagonists share similarities, despite being of different faiths.
Rasia was intrigued by the PJ Library programme and as she left remarked, “I really struggle with ensuring my child is learning about our religious traditions and values – I wish we had PJ Library!”
I look forward to sharing a copy of Yaffa and Fatima with Rasia and her children. We plan to stay in touch and meet up again soon.

About the Author

Lauren Hamburger

Lauren Hamburger is the Director of PJ Library in the UK.