No Matzah? No Problem! 10 Ways to Make a Sandwich During Pesach

Oh no — did you already run through your matzah stash during your seder? You can still enjoy sandwiches during Pesach. Here’s a list of the ten creative ways to get your sandwich fix when bread is off the menu:

1) Make lettuce wraps

Image via Tastes Better From Scratch

2) Bake up a batch of airy “cloud bread

Image via Delish

3) Swap your burger buns for portobello mushrooms

Image via Livestrong

4) Try sweet potato toast

Image via Food Network

5) Top pickles with your favourite sandwich toppings

6) Transform cauliflower into an everything bagel homage

Image via Lexi's Clean Kitchen

6) Wrap your sandwich up in an omelette

Image via The Lean Green Bean

7) Scoop out a cucumber to make yummy sandwich boats

Image via Wholesome Yum

8) Cook up a cauliflower grilled cheese

Image via Kirbie's Cravings

9) Put your cheese on the outside of the sandwich for a change