PJ in Barcelona


PJ Library is now available in five languages round the world! Did you know there's a synagogue in Barcelona that uses PJ library books as a basis for their Jewish education programme?

While the community may be small, there’s a lot of interest in using the books to inspire conversation around Jewish values. PJ Library started sending out books in Spanish a number of years ago, starting with a programme in Mexico. Since then it has grown and now the books are also used in Chile, Colombia, Cost Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela and, of course, Spain!

Natalia, the teacher at Beit Shalom in Barcelona, tells us how she has devised a curriculum, using the Spanish PJ Library books. It's based on learning about Shabbat and the festivals as well as Jewish customs. Each week she runs two sessions: one on Friday for three to six year olds with their parents and one on Sunday for slightly older children aged between six and 10 years. They read a story, carry out an activity based on the book and then eat together. They have done crafts, created plays and made food together. Everyone has a lot of fun and it is always exciting to see which new books will arrive.


If you have a story about how a PJ Library book made a difference in your community let us know!