A Rainy Day Story

As many synagogues are not open to celebrate our favourite festivals, PJ Library are bringing the fun to you. Please enjoy this activity guide with your family and friends and share how you got on with the activities. We’d love to see the fabulous way your family and community chose to celebrate the festivals.

A Rainy Day Story

This book shows us that what is good for you might not be good for everyone else; it is about how Rabbi Hanina learns a lesson about his place in the world. This book allows you to talk about Sukkot without having a sukkah.

A Rainy day story book cover

Rain maker

Craft: Shake! Shake! Shake! Make your own rainmaker


You will need a kitchen roll, rice, pasta, tin foil, cling film and cellotape. Decorate the outside of the kitchen roll – children may want to draw a picture on a white piece of paper and then cover the cardboard roll. Next close one end of the roll by covering it with cling film and sealing it with cellotape. When the bottom is secure fill a third of it with dry rice and pasta shapes and loosely scrunch up a piece of foil into a snake-like shape and insert it into the tube. Finish the rainmaker by sealing the top, as you did the bottom, with clingfilm and cellotape.

Cup cakes

Recipe: Lulav and etrog cupcakes

You may not have access to a lulav and etrog this year, but worry not – we can celebrate with this easy cupcake recipe!

hebrew weather

Activity: Learn to say different types of weather in Hebrew. 

Learn the Israeli song Geshem geshem mishamayim about the weather, in Hebrew.

Words in Hebrew

גשם, גשם משמיים
כל היום טיפות המים
מחאו כף אל כף

Transliteration in English

Geshem geshem mishamayim
Kol hamon tipot mamaim
Tif, tif, taf
Tif, tif, taf
Machau kaf el kaf


Rain falls, rain falls from the sky,
Drops of water all day long,
Drip, drip, drop,
Drip, drip, drop,
Clap your hands together


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