Why We Chose This Book: The Sages of Chelm and the Moon

It’s no surprise that stories about the ironically named “sages” of Chelm have been around for over 150 years, for their silliness has a universal, timeless appeal for all ages. This version of a classic Chelm story is perfect for five- and six-year-old subscribers and their parents.

The streets of the shtetl are unlit and unpaved, so when the moon isn’t out, the people of Chelm bang into things, fall into the mud and get lost. They think someone must be stealing the moon, so they decide to buy a new one – one that will light their way every night of the year. They find an innkeeper who is more than happy to sell them a moon, which they carefully bring home in a barrel of water…

Although the story is old, this retelling’s cartoon-style illustrations give it a contemporary feel. Parents will appreciate that this folktale, which originated in Yiddish in nineteenth-century Poland, is retold here by an Israeli author and illustrator team, and the book was originally published in Hebrew. Am Yisrael Chai!