Judge Tips: PJ Summer Art Competition

little girl drawing a cat

We are delighted that PJ illustrator, Inbal Leitner, will be the judge for this summer’s PJ Drawing Competition. Here she shares her top tips for your budding artists at home:

1. If you would like to include objects, landscapes animals or people in your artwork, and you're not sure how to draw them, try drawing them from life and get really familiar with their details and shape.

2. When you've learnt how to draw them, you can use your imagination to change them or add other details.

3. If there are parts in your drawing which are more important than others, think of creative ways to help them stand out. 

4. Think of the colours you're using and how can they serve the mood/feeling you want to have in your artwork.

5. Be creative! Try different materials and methods  - paints, pencils collage and more - separately or combined! 


Inbal Leitner

Inbal Leitner studied Classic Animation at Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem, and worked there as a classic animator and childrens book illustrator for fifteen years. She moved to Cambridge with her family and graduated the MA in childrens books illustration at Cambridge school of Art. Now living in Cambridge with her family, Inbal is focusing on illustration and likes to draw people and animals. She is using traditional techniques such as acrylic, pastels, printmaking, collage and mixed media.