Why We Chose Be Kind: It’s a Mitzvah

June’s book for 5- and 6-year-old children and their families is a new genre for PJ Library. It’s a reference book, but it’s a long way from the old-fashioned, dry reference books that used to exist. This is a book that families will return to over and over again thanks to the colourful kid-friendly illustrations and simple text that offers ideas to talk about and then do!

The book includes over 100 short and sweet suggestions to help kids be kind to people, animals and the planet, from planting sprouting potatoes instead of throwing them away to keeping a thankfulness jar to recording a grandparent telling a story from their childhood. There’s a checklist of 17 Jewish values at the back, from bal taschit to tzedakah; children are invited to match the values to activities in the book.

Be Kind offers a blueprint for helping each child reader grow to be a mensch that every parent will be proud of. We loved the book so much that this month we partnered up with Jewish Child’s Day to create a ‘Give as You Grow’ height chart for every PJ Library child, featuring our favourite illustrations and ideas. If you send a photo of your child next to the height chart before Sunday 5th July, your family will be in with a chance of winning a Fire Tablet HD 8. Visit jcd.uk.com