PJ Library and Limmud Festival

PJ Library and Limmud Festival fit together like a hand in a glove: PJ brings Jewish books and ideas into people’s homes; Limmud brings people together to take them one step further on their Jewish journeys.

Limmud Festival has a whole branch designed for families - with a dedicated hotel, dining room, and children’s programmes day and night.  Families @ Limmud Festival is the perfect home for PJ library to snuggle down in the winter.  We have been working hand in hand for many years: the PJ pop-up library makes a regular appearance, and we were once joined by a giant dreidel made out of PJ book covers!

This year, we are taking the partnership one step further.  Our vision on the Limmud families team is to help families share meaningful Jewish experiences and make memories that will last.  We know that PJ books help children engage in Jewish ideas in a way that is meaningful and fun for them, so we are planning a raft of activities and sessions to make this happen at Limmud Festival too: storytelling sessions, crafts and activities based around the books, themed channukah candle-lighting, and some of the characters may even come to life in surprising ways...

Limmud Festival 2019 runs from Sunday 22 - Thursday 26 December in Birmingham, UK, with Limmud Shabbat on 20-21 December.  We’d love to see lots of PJ families (and PJ graduates) there.  Places for children fill up first, and there is an excellent super early bird discount available until 10 September*.  To book, go to https://limmud.org/festival/

*A family of four coming for 5 days can save £326 by booking early.


Written by Madeleine Fresko-Brown and Corrine Westwood Servi, Limmud Families Co-Chairs