Reading Tips

Reading seems like a pretty simple thing to do. But like many things in life, there's more than meets the eye. Here are some of our favourite tips to make the most of your family's reading time. 

Babies love stories, too. They may not understand the words or even be able to look at the pictures, but listening to your voice stimulates their brains. 

Let them eat. Babies explore the world with their mouths. It's okay for them to taste a book or two. That's why board books were created. 

Ask questions. For little children, ask them to point to objects on a page. For older kids, ask about what's happening in the story or what they notice about the illustrations. Soon enough, they will be asking you all the questions.   

Make it routine. Whether your family reads stories at night or first thing in the morning, creating a special time to read together every day builds a beautiful habit.

Find a nook. Make storytime comfy by curling up in an oversized chair or piling the whole family into bed. 

Again and again. Your kids may want to read the same book over and over. That's okay. Kids find comfort in familiarity. Besides, there are worse things you could be doing. 

Embrace the big words. A child's vocabulary grows as they read. Don't shy away from new words--take the time to explain them.

Keep it going. Even after your kids are able to read themselves, read out loud with them. As author Kate DiCamillo writes, "We let down our guard when someone we love is reading us a story. We exist together in a little patch of warmth and light."