Celebrating Purim With Kids

Celebrating Purim with kids

Of all the holidays in the Jewish year, none is more fun for children than Purim. Kid-friendly Purim activities include baking hamantaschen, delivering mishloach manot, gift baskets, to friends and neighbours, dressing up in costume, and shaking a grogger.

Looking for a kid-friendly version of the Purim story to share with your kids?
Click here.


Here are some ways to enjoy Purim with your kids:


Read A Purim Story Together

Kids reading a book together

We love any excuse to snuggle up and read with our kids, and Purim is no exception. Here are some fantastic Purim bedtime, or anytime, books that you can read with your kids:

Looking for a kid-friendly take on the Purim story? Click here.

Dress Up

Kids in costumes
One of our favourite Purim traditions is dressing up in costumes. You can be almost anything!

Dress Up Like Your Favourite PJ Library Character or head over to our Purim Pinterest Board for more ideas.

Give Gifts

A tradition of Purim is to give gifts--to friends as well as to the needy. Gift baskets for friends, or mishloach manot may include packets of baked goods, treats, or other items. Families may also collect canned goods to donate to a local food bank, give extra to their weekly tzedakah practice, or cook and deliver a meal for a neighbour stuck at home, as part of their Purim festivities.

Check out our ideas for mishloach manot in 7 Gifts in a Jar to Make With Your Kids.

Shake Groggers

Purim display

For kids, and some grownups too, one of the best parts of Purim is getting to make noise--and lots of it! When you hear the name, Haman, the villain of the Purim story, shake your grogger, or noisemaker. Don't have a grogger on hand? Make one:

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Enjoy Some Music

Check out our Purim playlist!


Bake Hamantaschen


You can try out some of these super easy hamantaschen recipes, or get fancy with one of the recipes linked below:


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