Frequently Asked Questions

What will the programme cost me to register?

PJ Library is a gift to all families raising Jewish children.

How many books will my child receive?

Each month a book is sent directly to your child's home, addressed to them in a PJ Library envelope. Ten books will be sent out over the course of the year. In 2021 PJ Library will have a break in July and December. In September, instead of a book, we send a fun PJ Library resource for your family to enjoy.

What are the age levels for PJ Library books in the UK?

There are four age groups:

  • Birth until two years
  • Three – four years
  • Five – six years
  • Seven – eight years

My child has special needs and reads books from a younger age category. Can I sign them up for this instead?

Contact us directly to discuss this at

My children are in the same age group. Will they receive the same book?

Yes. This may happen if two children from the same family are born less than two years apart. If you do not want both copies though feel free to donate one to your local synagogue or community centre.

How is PJ Library paid for?

PJ Library subscriptions are offered at no cost to families thanks to generous support from sponsors, subscribing families and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation. Click on our donors page if you would like to support PJ Library in the UK.

I have twins in my family - will they share a book?

Yes. Each month an envelope addressed to both children will contain one book that is appropriate for their age.

How do I change my postal address?

Please send your new address to and our records will be updated immediately. However, note that because PJ Library plans the mailings several weeks in advance, any new addresses will not go into effect straightaway. Setting up a redirect with Royal Mail is recommended.