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Since Harold Grinspoon first sent Jewish books to 200 children in Western Massachusetts in 2005, PJ Library has grown to send free books to more than 200,000 subscribers throughout the United States and Canada. Today, PJ Library is an expanding global community linked by shared stories and values that spans across five continents and more than 620,000 subscribers.

PJ LIBRARY IS EMPOWERING JEWISH FAMILIES AROUND THE WORLD – from the unaffiliated to the deeply involved – to engage with Jewish life. From Russia to Uruguay, families are creating their own treasured Jewish moments and memories through the simple act of reading stories together. Stories that celebrate the joy of Jewish culture, values, and tradition.

PJ LIBRARY IS MORE THAN A PROGRAMME FOR CHILDREN, IT’S A PROGRAMME FOR FAMILIES – for parents, PJ Library serves as an entry point to engage in conversations about Jewish values or concepts with their kids. Through guides on book flaps, online resources, and local engagement programming, PJ Library empowers parents to create their own Jewish practices that are meaningful and resonant.

COMMUNITY PARTNERS AROUND THE WORLD are driving the creation of local activities. These partners, which include schools, Jewish community centres, and synagogues, utilize resources from PJ Library to assist their teams in engaging families.

IN THE CLASSROOM -  in many countries, PJ Library delivers books to children through their classrooms. Whether attending a private Jewish day school in Mexico City or a public kindergarten in Tel Aviv, children can connect with Jewish traditions and values through high-quality Jewish children’s books. Children are introduced to the books in class, usually with a lesson or activity, and then take them home to keep and enjoy with their families where they continue the conversation.

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