Thank You for the Music

Our first PJ Library CD arrived just in the nick of time as I was slowly being driven mad by the existing tantrum-diverting but headache-inducing car music offering which mainly consisted of 101 Disney love songs, nursery rhymes and the Frozen soundtrack. Save me!

All of a sudden we had new songs to learn, tunes that the whole family could enjoy.  We have slowly built up a little collection of them, and honestly, we love them all. Every Friday we listen to the Shabbat CD, and it helps to get the kids in the mindset for the weekend. The songs spill over into our everyday life, and we can often be heard singing Peace Like A River, Adama veshamayim or Gesher Tzar Meod on our weekend park trips. I like to think of ourselves as Finchley’s very own tone-deaf, but enthusiastic, gospel choir. Thanks for the music, PJ Library!

Debbie’s daughter proudly holding her favourite PJ Library CD.

About Debbie Fine
Debbie Fine is from Manchester but has lived in London for over ten years. “I live in Finchley with my husband and two kids. I love spending time with family and friends in this wonderful city. I’m a lawyer by trade but also quiz writer on the side”.