Chanukah At Home: Printables To Help Your Celebration

Two small children pose with their moms and a lit Hanukkah menorah.
However you’re celebrating Chanukah this year, there are easy ways to involve kids of varying ages, liven up a get together, or share some fun on a dark, starry, night. 

Need help lighting the candles? How about a refresher on playing dreidel? Or maybe some finger puppets to act out the Chanukah story--find five fun and easy printables to make Chanukah at home even more fun this year.

Candle Lighting 

Where does the first candle go? Are the candles lit from right to left or left to right? What are the blessings? Open this easy to use sheet on your tablet or print a copy to make candle lighting a snap.

How to Play Dreidel

Get ready to play until you drop like a dreidel. The rules are simple and the game is addictively fun. Find a basic set of rules below:

Chanukah Story Puppets

PJ Library parent Jennifer Stempel often finds herself as the "Chanukah parent" at school, and this year was no exception. To keep kids engaged and entertained during a virtual story time, she and her friend Jason Spitz, created their very own custom-illustrated Chanukah puppets. You can make your own just like they did, or use the handy template below. Just print, cut, and attach to pipe cleaners or popsicle sticks.

Mad Libs-Style Games

Tweens have got Chanukah down--they know how to play dreidel, the full scoop on the Chanukah story, and may even be making their own gelt too. Get silly with family or friends by playing with some Chanukah-themed word games. The two below feature a story about a Chanukah tradition and a continuation of PJ Library's podcast episode, The Missing Ingredient. 

Recipes And Activity Cards

Looking for a quick recipe, service activity, or a customizable Chanukah card? Browse and download from the options below:

Stained Glass Cookies

Upcycled Crayon Candles

Oven-Fried Courgette Sticks

Glowing Pathway

Hidden Veggie Latkes

Share the Light Goodie Bags

Sufganiyot Doughnut Holes

A Special Chanukah Card