PJ Library Family Stories: Esther Rubin

To celebrate PJ Library’s fifth Birthday in the UK, we are highlighting five PJ Library families, who feel PJ Library has played a significant role in the family’s access to Jewish education.

Esther Rubin and her family have lived in London, Israel and are now living in Stoke-on-Trent. She loves how PJ Library books connect her children to the wider Jewish community:

The minute you leave a big community you realise how involved you were (even if you thought you weren’t!) and how much you need that community. Having moved to a smaller Jewish community, I have learned that Jews outside major cities need to be remembered. PJ Library has remembered us! The beauty of the programme is that PJ Library can reach you wherever you live as the books come to us at home every month. It is a valuable reminder that we are Jewish in our new very secular community. When we lived in London, we took it for granted that family activities were on our doorstep.  With the help of PJ Library, I can talk more with the kids about people and places that are Jewish.

Esther’s story is just one of many that we receive every year illustrating how PJ Library impacts families across the UK.

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