PJ Library Family Stories: Shayna Conn

To celebrate PJ Library’s fifth Birthday in the UK, we are highlighting five PJ Library families, who feel PJ Library has played a significant role in the family’s access to Jewish education.

Shayna Conn lives in Glasgow and loves that the books help connect her family to the wider Jewish community:

I was looking for children’s books that have Jewish content. I first brought all the Sammy Spider collection and then signed up to get the PJ Library books. We use them in lots of different ways, for example, if there is a festival coming up, I'll take them out so we can get in the spirit and talk about them together. We now share the stories with other non-affiliated families. I wanted Adi to be grounded in her Jewish roots and PJ Library books are a wonderful way to remember and celebrate Jewish values as well as bringing people together.

Shayna’s story is just one of many that we receive every year illustrating how PJ Library impacts families across the UK.

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