Knishes for Breakfast!


“What would you like for breakfast Gavi?” asked my husband, of our seven year old daughter this morning. “Knishes” she answered. “knishes?” he asked.  “yes, knishes!” she said. 
She ran back upstairs, grabbed the book that we had read the night before, and ran back down again to show the recipe to her father.
Whilst we didn’t have time to enjoy knishes for breakfast this morning, I have promised that we will make them soon and my daughters eyes lit up.

She is the only Jewish student at her primary school. It is a really multicultural school, with many friends from all parts of the world. Her best friend is a delightful girl from a Pakistani Muslim family, and I am inspired by their friendship which seems to be strengthened every time they realise that something from their own background has an equivalent in their best friend’s too. I find myself imagining a world where more best friend couples are Jewish and Muslim, sharing stories from home that exemplify how much we have in common, rather than what divides us.

When we read The Knish War on Rivington Street last night, Gavi’s face lit up when she realised that within our Jewish tradition, there was a pastry equivalent to her best friend’s samosas. 
And whilst we may never have never eaten or experienced a knish as part of our daily Jewish life in Leeds before, with thanks to the PJ library,  I am sure we will be trying the recipe out soon and adding it to our collection of Jewish recipes. 
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